Video artists

Sergej Kreso
A symphony for a street musici..

10:00, 2004, Documentary

Faruk Karabegovic is a street musician. Every Saturday he stands there, on the small square in Roermond, playing for the occasional passer by. Faruk has become a bit of a local att..
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Paul Beck
A thousand pound bomb

4:16, 2010, Animation

Winning parts through body parts
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Stavroula Chantzi
A travers

9:35, 2013, Video Art

The undo of a spatiotemporal reality. Passages. The alternation of darkness and brightness. The emphasis on personal decision.
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Chris Lynn
A Winter’s Tale

10:00, 2012, Experimental

Filmed in Lake Placid, NY- Echoes of Shakespeare and Wang Wei are captured on a winter’s day.
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Stuart Pound
A woman from the past, much lo..

1:26, 2012, Video Art

16mm black & white film frames from the distant past fondly remembered and seen in low magnification through a microscope connected to the computer. It has great appeal for anyone ..
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Milica Rakic
A woman is a woman

4:43, 2010, Experimental

A woman is a woman examines the different ways that the exploration of emotion and language can be articulated, sometimes without words.
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Michael Davies
A world of non linearity (nerv..

10:19, 2011, Video Art

Blurred photographs merged into an animation. Sounds from sampling experiments, edited as if this was the soundtrack to a 10 minute journey across strange and dangerous territory, ..
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Gabriel Orenstein
A3 Sounds

2:34, 2015, Experimental

Experimental Video Art. 3D Animation. Abstract video composition exacted from meditations.
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Tessa Garland
Above the skyline

5:50, 2009, Experimental

Above the skyline presents a deserted stage set depicting a grim prospect of a lonely, future with nothing but memories. Built entirely in miniature, the detailed film set invites ..
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Alexei Dmitriev

3:30, 2010, Experimental

An unhurried film dealing with the notion of the abstract.
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Kanamé Onoyama
Acamar - frances marie uitti &..

4:02, 2010, Music video

Acamar by cellist/composer Frances-Marie Uitti and composer Yota Morimoto is a followup to their collaborative DVD 13AL. The piece is the first of a series of works made by the aut..
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Hannah Beadman

35:00, 2013, Fiction

’Accident’ is a film of 18 dreams after spinal surgery. It explores non-diegetic diegesis, or the non-linear, metaphoric narratives of the subconscious linked to the body. Chan..
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Anais Pélaquier
Action n.1/vehemence

6:53, 2014, Experimental

First video of a series of auto-filmed actions. Reactive actions connected to a place of internal impossibility, a meaningless, an abutment. Slow chewing of the word. Gulp of lette..
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Louise Ashcroft
Actions in london

5:49, 2011, Video Art

Actions in London is an ongoing series of spontaneous interventions in public space, which arise from a series of urban walks.
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Nic Hamilton
Actress - iwaad

3:26, 2012, Music video

Actress has described his music as ‘reverse decay’ This film is an attempt to present something so obviously digital in an incomplete visually processed state that links aest..
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Cristine Brache
Ad for self immolation

3:23, 2013, Video Art

An advertisement for a self-immolation and ethnic cleansing product; the extreme passion to die as a reaction to oppression, gently posed as a question to the comfort and apathy re..
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Silvia Gennaro
Ad un passo dal paradiso

5:29, 2010, Animation

Hell is always hidden behind any paradise. Digital animation and subjective interpretation of Hieronymus Bosch’ works :”Ascent of the Blessed” and “The Temptation of St. An..
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David Riedel

3:00, 2006, Animation

Mark Schmidt is an addict. He has an addiction to bet on sports. But he neglects his real life. This is the true story about Bwin that was forbade in three federal states in German..
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Evo Preisner

1:46, 2011, Video Art

Sub specie aeternitatis: ’under the aspect of eternity’, what is eternally true, without any reference to or dependence upon the merely temporal portions of reality. Wi..
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Judith Made

7:18, 2007, Video Art

Its super good lying wherever i go iam gonna be smiling i amnever going to show videoperformance/animation about a phenomena in the social arena ... the game of pretending...
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Pawel Stasiewicz
After the signal dial one

4:59, 2015, Experimental

Video about chinese whispers child game, for both ears separately.
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