Video artists

Sean Dunne
American juggalo

23:22, 2011, Documentary

American Juggalo is a look at the often mocked and misunderstood subculture of Juggalos, hardcore Insane Clown Posse fans who meet once a year for four days at The Gathering of the..
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Dalibor Baric
Amnesiac on the beach

23:43, 2013, Experimental

The Near Life Experience might seem to be an odd, extraordinary occurrence, but in fact it can happen to anyone. Why to be the self-stigma of your fixed, unchanging identity, as if..
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Brothers Stifani

12:46, 2006, Experimental

In Amok, we meet Joe, a middle aged man having an identity crisis. He pursues an elusive woman through an increasingly strange landscape. The dream-like, surreal imagery is all tak..
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Miriam Bliese
An der tür

5:00, 2013, Fiction

A man comes to pick up his son at his ex-wife’s house, just like every weekend. As always, he waits at the entrance of her apartment building for his son to come down stairs. But..
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João Ricardo
Ana ano

3:56, 2009, Music video

Remixed footage from the film mambo by robert rossen. A ghostly mirrored image of Silvana Mangano incessantly shifts from beauty to beast. Soundtrack out of "fds" by ocp.
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Angelo Berretta
Analisi 1138

5:01, 2005, Experimental

A short film shot in Rome by Angelo Berretta.
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Tusia Dabrowska
Ananaski (baby pineapples)

1:29, 2012, Video Art

ANANASKI is a short video by Tusia. It features Tusia and Magda Rud. VTR provided sound design. ANANASKI, or baby pineapples in Polish, is an affectionate term for Rebels. Pineapp..
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Zoha Zokaei
And yet another wall

4:20, 2011, Experimental

Walls are made to give us shelter. Walls are made to divide us. Walls are built to imprison us. Walls are not made out of Gelatine. And Yet Another Wall...
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Dennis Stein Schomburg
Andersartig / different

4:30, 2011, Animation

One child is different than the others. Because of her dreamily and sportive nature she doesn’t match the generally accepted behavior of the other kids. Being different makes..
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Liesbeth Verhoeven
Anedotas de brasil

10:00, 2007, Animation

This work deals with the fact that every individual will interpret and often manipulate the information that he receives in his own unique way. When i was in Brasil, i asked a few ..
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Sabijn Peeters

1:00, 2006, Animation

Anima is about the belief animism; that is a belief still practised by "primitive" (close to nature) cultures. They believe in the soul or spirit of inanimate objects and worship t..
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James Grafsgaard

3:40, 2006, Animation

A short journey through an imaginary undersea environment, with original music by P.J. Tracy and animated images created from paintings by James Grafsgaard.
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Sergio Cruz

3:20, 2006, Experimental

Animalz is an exuberant fantasy in which boys emerge from the sea, like the original amphibians, and colonise a forest, marking out their territory in a break-dance celebration of ..
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Chris Daykin

6:41, 2014, animation

An animated film about the students and their work from the animation department, Liverpool 1981
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2:00, 2010, Experimental

[dNASAb] Holds a BFA in Sculpture and Mixed Media from Florida State University and has attended an International Summer Residency at the Experimental Television Center (2006), Owe..
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Maze Boer
Another day

5:00, 2006, Narrative

Een man beleeft de dagen als een geregisseerde realiteit en laat niets aan het toeval over. Het ritme van de dag wordt bepaald door steeds terugkerende handelingen. Op een dag word..
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Christopher Tevebaugh

2:03, 2012, Fiction

A clown with a lot on his mind.
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Jon Carlos Evans

0:10, 2009, Narrative

Antithesis is an experimental, narrative short about a widowed man and damaged teen girl who decide to meet in person after forming a friendship in an online suicide club.
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Francois Vautier
Ants in my scanner

1:52, 2010, Experimental

"I installed an ant colony inside my scanner five years ago. I scanned the nest each week..." This short film is an exploration of the aesthetic of life and degradation. Five year..
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Marina Roy

14:20, 2010, Experimental

Apartment by Marina Roy is a 56-minute animation inspired by Georges Perec’s 1978 novel La vie, mode d’emploi, in which the author takes the reader through 100 rooms of an apar..
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Paul Malone
Aphrodite urania

9:59, 2008, Experimental

A cosmological conceit re-visiting Venus, Velikovsky and planetary orbits. Encompassing a journey to explore that planet as a metaphorical waterworld and anastrophic imperative. As..
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