Video artists

Paul Malone
Aphrodite urania

9:59, 2008, Experimental

A cosmological conceit re-visiting Venus, Velikovsky and planetary orbits. Encompassing a journey to explore that planet as a metaphorical waterworld and anastrophic imperative. As..
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Melo Viana

15:00, 2009, Experimental

The production of Latin American cinema is unknown even to the Latin Americans. The ARANCELES (tariff, duty, imposition) placed on the distribution set in jail all the creativity a..
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Uygar Demoglu
Arbeit macht frei

5:24, 2011, Video Art

Did work make us free? Or did a (fake) plenty determine our boundaries?
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Anton Iakhontov

02:17, 2014, Animation

Basically, duo of Patrick K.-H. And Andreas Karaoulanis is a net consists of two spatially separated workstations. It explores various sorts of algorithmic interaction between part..
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Black River Pilgrim
Arid shadows

10:21, 2013, Experimental

Arid Shadows (excerpt), Duration: 10:21, Recorded at Biological Basement, June 2012 Intuitive sound environment construction, destruction, and reimagining. Woven and guided sound a..
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Elina Margolin

14:10, 1013, Narrative

A teen tom-boy nicknamed Arik, discovers her sexuality to the surprise of her buddies.
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Myriam Thyes
Armament at lake constance

3:50, 2008, Animation

Armament at lake constance (switzerland, germany, austria, czech republic) this animation explores the cult of death in catholic ideology as manifested in numerous images in churc..
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Tereza Nvotova
Artificial insight

21:20, 2010, Experimental

Experimental documentary about artificial intelligence, virtual loneliness and real software installed to a girl for one day. Everything what Jeeney A.I says there is coming from h..
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Elizabeth Sardari Kermani

4:00, 2008, Video Art

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Jasper Scheepbouwer
Artistic differences

3:20, 2007, Animation

Killing people can be great fun, and it-s artistic too! A short uncensored journey into the raw world of modern art. A violent world, shocking, not for those of a tender dispositio..
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Diran Lyons
Artists of the great western d..

30:00, 2010, Documentary

’Artists of the Great Western Divide’ takes a look at three artists - Paul Buxman, Matthew Rangel, and John Spivey - and their creative response to the San Joaquin Valley of Ce..
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Adela Jusic
Artists Statement

7:27, 2010, Experimental

In her video installation Artist’s Statement (2010), shown in a dilapidated room in a former artillery barracks during this past Manifesta, Adela Jusic offered advice on how ..
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Faith Holland
Artist’s statement

2:40, 2011, Video Art

Artistʼs Statement is a commentary on the emptiness of the language often (but not always) used to describe art. Although the video is from the point-of-view of the artist, th..
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Luana Visciglia
As angels under the snow

1:00, 2009, Video Art

The End of the Winter. The sun.
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Edward Ramsay Morin
As dreams sometimes do

3:19, 2013, Animation

For this project I was interested in the metamorphosis of an idea; how a single seed can manifest itself in different layers and forms. At times, it is even easy to lose sense of t..
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Lucie Eidenbenz
As we sleep

9:59, 2009, Music video

A woman is drowning into images that her unconscious is creating, observing herself like a double-figure, being involved in strange situations that are phenomenons of her intimate ..
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Nicole Rademacher

0:40, 2010, Video Art

A journey of rhythmic emotional turmoil.
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Leopold Fiala
Asthetics of movements

3:02, 2010, Experimental

A University project about the aesthetics of animals. We decided to make a movie about the movements of all the animals discussed in our course. Falko Schnelle makes the moves, w..
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Sebastien Senechal

3:56, 2011, Video Art

This is my attempt to stop time, liquid, which slides between our fingers. And I am seduced, I see, but what I see and which seduces me, I cannot seize it... The image shies away, ..
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Nelton Pellenz

8:08, 2015, Experimental

Under a blue mantle, the sky imposes itself about the sea. From this visual immateriality, merge reality and fiction, through a poetic and immersive narrative about space, place an..
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Pieter Geenen

11:00, 2008, Video Art

In 2009 the construction of the Three Gorges Dam on the Chinese Yangtze River will be complete. Due to this construction 632 sq km of land on a length of 660 km upstream floods up ..
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